• Mini wagyu beef slider, jalapeño cheddar, baby cos, vine ripened tomato and beetroot, walnut & pomegranate relish

    White wine steamed mussels, coriander, tomato & chilli

    Warm beef orange salad and crushed walnuts

    Pan seared barramundi, truffled cauliflower and herbed vinagarette

    Roasted ocean trout, kale, fennel and chickpeas

  • Open Tortilla of wild mushroom, pine nuts, chilli flake and citrus aioli

    Ceviche of local caught kingfish, red capsicum, coriander and fresh lime zest ( 24 horas )

    Empanada of cheese & capsicum and chimichurri

    Peruvian spiced chicken

    Pastel de choclo ( oven baked corn and beef pie )

  • Saffron infused charred prawn and chaknie ( persian yoghurt, mint garlic & green chilli dipping sauce )

    Frekkah salad of roasted artichokes, tabouleh, pears and honey

    Butter baked chicken, tabouleh crumb and white bean puree

    Lamb tagine, pomegranate jam and coriander rice

    Panfried mackerel, beetroot and orange salsa

  • Olive, Oil & Bread Bar



    Persian Kebabs

    Open Tortillas



  • Traditional





  • Open baguette of baby cos, smoked chicken, roma tomato, aioli and fresh basil

    Open baguette of shaved ham off the bone, avocado, aioli and fresh parsley

    Open baguette of brie, smoked salmon, capers and fresh dill

    Mini flourless pear, cinnamon and pistachio cake

    Mini coconut tea cakes or lime, blueberry or sour cherry

  • Modern-Australian-2

    Take a stroll through one of Melbourne’s bustling and vibrant markets to experience what Modern Australian means in Melbourne TODAY…! 

    Melbourne, she feels the seasons distinctively and her food reflects this. In an ever changing landscape where definitions evolve, Melbourne continues to surprise us with her ability to continue to be the coolest kid on the block.

    Our Modern Australian menu is a celebration of food, colours, flavours and seasons. We welcome the opportunity to have you involved in the design of a menu that reflects your personal tastes and requirements.

    And Still…!

  • Latin-American

    Always popular in our book, but perhaps now more than ever, a fresh addition to the discerning diner’s to do list… Comida Latinoamericana.

    Unmistakable flavours and the soul food I grew up with. The Spanish Cocina has heavily influenced the latin experience. Latin dining however, is going through an invigorating period. Argentinian, Peruvian, Brazilian and Colombian restaurants are becoming ever more popular.

    We’ve created menus that are geared towards a shared dining experience. Traditional dishes infused with our personality, flare and interpretation. Have a look at our menu teaser and let us know what you think. 

    There is flexibility in our menus and style of catering and we truly stand by our reputation. If there is something you would love to include in our menu’s for your event, then please don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Middle-Eastern-2

    The subtle yet exotic flavours and textures of Middle Eastern food can truly be an amazing experience. This is an extremely diverse cuisine which lends itself to a variety of Middle Eastern influences. We take inspiration from Moroccan, Iranian, Afghanistan and Turkish foods.   

    Our Middle Eastern market place bars have proven to be very popular, as we strive to offer dynamic dining experiences every time we get an opportunity. 
    Let’s give you some examples… What about we try, spiced rice with saffron infused herb chicken, slow roasted lamb shoulders with shawarma flavours. The cherry on top would have to be the hand made flat bread set for 3 hours thats cooked in a traditional oven. It brings the whole together. Just delicious…!

  • foodbar

    Once upon a time function requirements were so that you could only eat what was in front of you. Remember the alternate drop thing… Kinda been done to death…

    Salmon, chicken breast, salmon, chicken breast… Yaaawn…

    The market place menus are designed to create an experience. We want you and your guests to have an experience with the food. Let’s eat, let’s drink, let’s engage.

    Can we have a food station where there are a variety of options to choose from…? We can certainly do that, and we can do that creatively to make sure that the food at your event is amazing.

    Ask us about the food, the method of preparation and the origins of particular dishes and we’d be happy to share the love.

    Your selections are carefully integrated for your event, so as to make sure that the food is relevant to the season, and that it engages with the selected theme.

    Festival style stalls, creative food stations or even replicating an authentic market place, are just a few ideas for you to consider when working with us.

  • BBQ

    In this instance, we are quite happy to indulge your senses with references to succulent cuts of Australian meat and Modern Australian sides.

    We are however, attempting to paint a picture… I’m going to indulge you and briefly talk about Argentinian BBQ’s. Cold Melbourne night. You choose the space. Argentinian red in hand, fire worn steel drums filled with charcoal and a parilla filled with sizzling cuts of traditional Argentinian meat slowly cooking… Can you dig it…? Add to the meat, spoons of pebre or chimichurri and fresh tomatoes red onion and coriander salads.

    Let’s also add in there some ceviche, and pass around cheese & capsicum empanadas that literally ooze with flavour. I personally couldn’t think of anything better.

    The great thing about this is that we can set this up quite effortlessly, pretty much anywhere.

    Let the process rather than the delivery be the focal point of the evening. We’ve chosen the Argentinians as our favourite… Can you tell…!

  • workplace

    Food in the workplace need not be boring. We can offer corporate packages that we can deliver to you. We can be super creative or super dull.. Let us know.. 

    We can help with full and half day packages that are sure to add a little style and flavour to your conference or meeting and we can deliver all over Melbourne.